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Vibrant Villages


Petunias and lamp posts BoNImage2013

Flowers on the High Street Odiham


Lemons and Limes BoNImage2013

Lemons and Limes



2 for £3.50 deal BoNImage2013

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables



Fresh Fruit and Veg   Cauliflower BoNImage2013

Local Produce



Freshly baked Tomato and Basil Focaccia by Odiham Cake Company BoNImage2013

Artisan Breads



Tommy The Fruit Man BoNImage2013

Tommy The Fruit Man



Next Door Odiham BoNImage2013

Village ReInvention









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Vibrant Villages

Keeping 'life' in Village life



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10QI 1


10QI 2


10QI 3


10QI 4


10QI 5

Tourist Information Centre

10QI 6

Tourism Website

10QI 7

Press Liaison

10QI 8


10QI 9

Odiham's Best Resource!

10QI 10

Deer Park



10QI 1                 Flowers.  


Flowers are an essential!    Whether on lamp posts, in carefully situated planters on pavements or adorning roundabouts.  

Add all year planters in the High Street and Welcome planters at the entrance to the village.

Up the anti and have a competition for the best front garden in the village!    Pick the best ideas from local towns already running one http://www.fleetinbloom.org/2013.html.



10QI 2                 Improved signage.  


There is little to indicate to the drivers on the Alton/Farnham roads that they are just about to miss a gem of an historic and interesting village.   And improved signing to the public car parks, which should include a free period for initial use.



10QI 3                 Comfort Facilities


It is vitally important that the basic needs of visitors to an historic village are met with up to date modern toilets which, naturally, include disabled and nappy changing facilities.   The tiny village of Selboure has an excellent building within the main visitors car park.   


10QI 4                 Markets 


Markets have been a part of local community through the decades bringing residents together to buy fresh food and meet friends



10QI 5                 A Tourist Information Centre


Lets share our local knowledge of the area.   Could perhaps locate this within All Saints which is open 7 days a week (with a clearly signed alternative for times when services are held) or in the porch of the Church?    Offer An A3 fold plan of Odiham to visitors Including a map of the local area and adverts for local businesses together with a detailed map of Odiham and places of interest.  These to be available at all local Tourist Information Offices together with other outlets.

An A4 version should be included on the website for internet visitors to download prior to visiting.

Support funding available from English Heritage http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/



10QI 6                 Create a new ‘Odiham For Tourism’ website.


Liaise with The Odiham Society http://www.odiham-society.org/ and drawn on their extensive knowledge.

The site should sell the attractions of:

 King John’s Castle

The Three Castle Walk

Five Lanes End

The Basingstoke Canal

Odiham Wharf/Galleon Marine

Greywell Tunnel

Tunnel Lane Swing Bridge

The Ford

Odiham Common

Odiham Woods

Frenchman’s Oak

The Bell – the oldest pub in Hampshire?

The Pest House

All Saints Church

The Bury

The Cross Barn

Lodge Farm and Newlyns

As well as listing the hotels, pubs, eateries and shops.



10QI 7                 A Press Liaison Person


Appoint a person to provide information and articles about Odiham and deal with Internet promotion.   There are lots of ‘where can we go’ and ‘what’s on’ websites which want to know about our events.   Contact leading coach operators and offer enticements for them to bring their day trippers to Odiham as part of a day outing.


10QI 8                 Events !


Christmas, Summer, Armed Forced Day.  



10QI 9               Embrace Odiham’s best resource   -    the retired.  


Whether leading guided walks or manning the Tourist Information Office on a voluntary basis once a week, there is an opportunity to create a symbiotic relationship.


10QI 10             Make better use of the Deer Park as a community asset.   


Take up our senior residents plan and further develop it.   There is the potential for a much needed recreational park within the Deer Park.    This parkland could provide a hub to link all the attractions within the Odiham area as well as additional ‘green’ car parking spaces using cellular plastic as used in the Boscastle for overflow car park.

Odiham has the potential to attract millions of pounds of recreationally derived income from tourists and from those living on the doorstep.



This article is based on 'Network Naturally has a 10 point plan' first published in the

Odiham Society Journal Autumn 2011 updated March 2014


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Micro Images of flowers

Copyright Bo Nightingale



Godetia BoNightingale92013

Goditia on Text




Aquilegia flower just opened Bo Nightingale

Aquilegia flower just opened




Blackcurrent flower with a thread waisted wasp looking for nectar

Black Current flower with insect




Heather and honey comb BonImages2013

Heather blossom and honeycomb




Dead Nettle filament and anthers Bo Nightingale 2013

Dead nettle filaments and anther




Aquilegia flower pollinated BoNImages

Aquilegia flower pollinated


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