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Heavenly Princess Hermione Hunny Bunny v2


Lucy I Think My Cat is Colour Blind!



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Lucy knows everything about furry creatures and especially about Cats.   She has seen the Theatre production many times.

Lucy’s first visiting hug stop was Heavenly Princess Hermione Honey Bunny V2 the Cat Version.  

The original HPHHB – V1 a Rabbit was not a huggable furry creature though in fairness she was infinitely more nearly huggable, if only she would be more agreeable to being huggable, than her predecessors Lizzie the grey rabbit named after the Queen for reasons long forgotten and Kitty, the black rabbit who was named after the S-I-L grey cat called Bunny.  Both rabbits – sisters who loathed each other - had an unadulterated hatred of humans no matter how old or young, rabbit confident or not.  If either sniffed even a microscopic molecule of human it was fair game to scratch, bite or in any other way ravage and damage the perpetrator who dared to invade their space.

Lucy grasped HPHHBcv2 in a loving embrace which in the course of a few moments snuggling transferred an Afghanistan coats worth of cat hair onto Lucy’s Sea Salt Stripped Sailors Oiled Cotton Sloop J B jacket in cerise and navy.   Lucy knows everything and having considered the newly applied additional and impromptu additional feline layer to her designer weekend attire decided to educate the great unbrushed or to be more precise the great unaware and uncovered and unovershedded that HPHHBcv2 may need assistance in grooming her winter coat to restore her naturally glorious strawberry blond cum ginger spice tabby style summer coat.

Basically the cat appeared to be abjectly neglected and was in urgent need of grooming

With needs well beyond the average cat comb, the dog’s latest bristleless brush was commandeered to scarify the feline’s overly hirsute exterior parts.

The quantity of fur which came away on the specialist tool was practically industrial in its proportions.

As the brush moved across her body HPHHBcv2 purred for England ecstatic as she was with the full uncontested attention.   Showing her the brush full of her fur each time it reached capacity generated rumbles of deep pleasure.   Claws extended in and out of the air as the grooming reached its climax.

Abruptly a crushing thought ruptured the moment.   HPHHBcv2 is a girl and the dog is a boy.

Urgent call to Lucy – HPHHBcv2 and very female, is loving the brushing but it is with the dogs brush which is blue not pink.     Help, Lucy I Think My Cat is Colour Blind!


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